Welcome to the new look Team Hamster website.


Welcome one and all to our new home!

This moving forward will be our permanent home as we continue to improve ways to communicate to you all with events and official news from Team Hamster HQ.  We would all like to thank you for bearing with us as the transition took a little longer than we expected but also we are here now and more news will be coming along soon.

This site will continue to have an advice page with helpful links if you need help with cancer or how to get support for those who suffer from cancer, know of someone who is fighting cancer or caring for someone who has cancer.

We are still supporting the fields twins and we will be confirming more about this in the coming week.

In the mean time a cheeky request you will see AD’s on this website, as we will be funding this site from our own money these adverts will help us pay towards them (its not loads but it does help) if you would be willing to now and then give them a click it would be great as it all adds up to helping maintain this awesome new home.


Thanks everyone and we’ll see you all soon with more news and updates


Team Hamster

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