The week of craziness begins!

Good Morning!

So as we begin this immense week of absurdity  I welcome you to this first blog.  We’re ready to go for our first foray into the unknown, our trip to London and the Attention Seekers studio looks set to be a seriously awesome day (albeit leaving Swansea at 4 A.M.this Wednesday morning.

Adz and I will blog throughout the day as best we can from both train and time at the studio. We’ve also had confirmation that the photo’s and VT Intro that is being created will be given to the Team so that we can incorporate it into our site.


Its crazy to think just how quick this all came about and to think that we were approached to help launch this amazing event. I have been asked if Team Hamster will be taking part in any of the gaming side of things and the honest answer is, we’re not 100% sure just yet due to other commitments we may have coming up.

That said to anyone who wants to take part in this years “Stand Up To Cancer Campaign” and take on a gaming challenge or even a marathon, don’t think twice!  Grab your control and some buddies (or fly solo if you wish!) and have a crazy time!   We highly recommend you do it, it’s way too much fun and well its doing something that you love right whilst making loads of money for Cancer Research and SU2C!!!

Well that’s all from me this morning but be sure to keep checking our site over the coming days and even more so on Wednesday to see how our day at Attention Seekers Studios goes as we begin our march to launching this years Stand Up To Cancer Campaign.


For now though:  LET THE HAMSTERS GO FREE!!!


For more info on this years SU2C Campaign Click the image to head to the site.


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