Team Hamster’s Guide to Streaming


Team Hamster have always been about getting involved, and making the most from all we do, it’s who we are and what we love.

We are asked does it cost much to set up a stream? do we need specialist equipment? Do you have to get any types of permissions?

The simple answer is no, but we’re not going to leave it there…Our first ever gaming marathon had 4 TV’s our Consoles, Console Cameras, gaming headsets and an iPad.  that’s all we had.

Streaming could not be more simple and cost-free because the chances are you have all the equipment that you need.


A Simple Set Up:

Your Gaming Console: The Star of the show, the ayatollah of….yeah OK well you get our point here this is your platform to play all those games you want to stream. When it comes to the “nitty-gritty” this is your first port of call after all no console no stream.


A headset: Most consoles these days come with a simple headset such as a single in ear and microphone, bear in mind though when you are there for 24 hours those can become a wee bit uncomfortable.  So with this in mind if you want a headset but would rather not spend mega-bucks on a headset you can go to somewhere like GAME and grab one for £19.99 which will do the job and could be seen as a future investment if you decide to do more streams.


A Console camera (optional): With the camera this is really your choice in some cases this can be a great idea especially if someone is playing a scary game and you can capture their reactions.  But if you are a tad camera-shy and don’t want a lens focused on you solely then you don’t have to. In our first event we had our PS4 Camera’s and an iPad (yep an iPad) to stream the team as a whole. The only unfortunate thing with these are that they are expensive to say the least.  You may be able to pick up a camera and a game together which may negate some of the cost, bundle deals are always worth looking out for.


Your TV: Whilst this is a pretty obvious statement make sure you are going to be comfortable staring at this for 24 hours, We have had the luck of being loaned larger TV’s for our events but 32″ TV’s will be OK.


Broadband/Internet Connection: our recommendations for this to have a wired connection at all times as wireless could be very unreliable for streaming your content/event.



That is it you really don’t have to spend tons of cash to make a stream fun and enjoyable for all who take part and watch, just make sure that you have fun streaming your content because as long as you are doing that then your viewers will enjoy watching you during your event.

Have a timetable of what you (and your group) are planning to stream and also include your breaks. Remember you need to have breaks no matter how much of a hardcore gamer that you may well be.

Also have mini competitions and those who “lose” have to take a forfeit (I’m still having flashbacks to pure lemon juice and scotch bonnets ~Don).

Be mindful of background noise, if you are using YouTube and you have a radio on you can be 100% sure that all sounds will be cut from your streams and thus will spoil your streaming.

Above all else people as we have said is have as much fun as you can and enjoy the experience!