Team Hamster Update: 26th June

Hi and welcome to this weekends blog where we will get you up to speed an all things Team Hamster and our upcoming event for Special Effect.

This weeks Special Effect video highlights how the team have given players with disabilities the ability to play games just as we do. We couldn’t be more prouder to support such a hard working team and the efforts they put in to help everyone and helping them change from “I could do, to I CAN”

Event Update:

Our discord server is almost ready for folks to join as we edge closer to our event this August and we will be releasing more information on how you can join this.

We have chosen to use discord as not only does this work on PC but for those who have a console they can join us through the Discord app on their mobile should they want to join in and have a natter with the team and other gamers throughout the event.

We are still working on seeing about getting a little something for those who take part alongside Team Hamster during the event, this is taking a little longer but we want to ensure it’s a feasible option.

The form to sign up for the event will be going live a week today so if you would like to join Team Hamster for the 24 hour event whether its for an hour or for the full 24, we would love to hear from you.

Over the coming weeks we will also be adding a new part to the weekly blog giving some tips and ideas on how to get the most out of your participation during the event from staying awake to even taking on some forfeits.

That’s about all for this week’s blog update, have a great weekend and thanks as ever for joining us. We cannot wait to game alongside you after all we are all “United Through Gaming”