Team Hamster Update: 20th June

Hi and welcome to this weeks blog with all the latest updates and plans we have for our up coming 24-Hour Gaming Marathon for Special Effect.

As mentioned in last weeks blog, I said that we will be linking in a Video each week showing the work that the folks at Special Effect do. This week we see how they have made is possible for people to play Minecraft with their eyes.

This short video is beyond words, to enable anyone to play the games that we take for granted. So take a watch and you’ll be amazed at what they can achieve.

Event Updates:

We will be shortly launching a form that will allow people to sign up for the event. If you would like to join the Team for the gaming marathon, whether its for an hour, 8 hours or even the full 24 hours, then simply fill out the form and leave an email address so you can be kept up to date with any important changes (don’t worry you wont be spammed, I can’t stand spam!) so key an eye out on our social media platforms for this announcement when it goes live.

We are aware that not everyone has a PC they may have a console which they may choose to stream from which is equally fine, we will be using Discord for our chat server so that we can all keep each other entertained as we power through the event.

We are also looking at getting a little something for those who take part as an acknowledgement that you took part in the event (a pin badge, t-shirt or something along those lines). This is very much in its early phase right now.

So as you can see things are already moving in the right direction as we begin to gather pace. Over the coming weeks we will also show some the milestone goals we will have in place where if we hit a milestone we will have to do….Well that’s for another blog!

In the meantime have an awesome weekend, thanks for joining us for this weeks blog and don’t forget together we can make a difference, you are all a part of Team Hamster and we are all “United Through Gaming”