Team Hamster Update: 13th July

Hi and welcome to this weeks Team Hamster update!

Can you believe that we are now 25 days away from this years 24 hour gaming marathon to support SpecialEffect!!

We’re going to continue with the awesome work that Special effect do with another two highlight videos.

In this video we see how they help Arlo play the game he loves the most with his friends.

SpecialEffect provide one-to-one support for people with disabilities, helping them level the playing field to experience the inclusion, fun and friendship of video games.

You can see what it truly means to everyone who has been helped by SpecialEffect. It’s a truly phenomenal organisation that continue to break down barriers.

In the next video we see how the Eye Gaze technology helped Sam not only game but give him a degree of control like watching TV, Keeping in touch with friends online and university.

Event Update 13/07/2020

Event Details:

Just a reminder that the event will start on the 6th August at 10am and will go through to 10am on the 7th August, start times may vary slightly (set ups and such) usually we would have a team breakfast prior to starting but given circumstances that cant happen so we will likely have a chat and such before we go live.

Twitch Channel Updates:

We are setting up our Twitch Channels so if you wish to start following us ready for the event you can do so by clicking the names below:

Adams Channel

Gareth’s Channel

Doogle’s Channel

Sign Ups are now open:

Last week we launched our sign up page to join Team Hamster during the 24 hours! If you can spare 30 mins, an hour or even the full 24 hours we’d love to have you along for the ride. The form is purely so we can send you our discord information (trying to minimise spambots and such).

By signing up to the event you agree to us contacting you to provide the Discord Channel. You also agree to act responsibly on the channel and respect those who are also taking part.


We are just finalising the finer details of the JustGiving page so that we can have it all ready so the plan is to get this live mid to end of the week so that we can start making a difference.

That’s a Wrap:

That about covers things for this weeks update, we really cant wait to see you all on the day of the event. In the meantime have a great week ahead, stay safe and see you next week!