Team Hamster Support Announcement

We are extremely proud of the achievements we have unlocked as a fundraising team and so it was only natural to want to push for more.

Ever since announcing our return, even bore that we have been busy behind the scenes working on who we could support and help with our efforts.

That’s why this year we are excited to announce we will be proudly supporting Special Effect!

Special Effect are s fantastic charity who enable those who have disabilities that would normally stop them from playing games to do so. They do not sell any of their equipment or charge for the one-to-one support so they rely solely from donations, volunteering amongst other things.

From the first visit to you Special effect will modify or even create new equipment to lend to you so that you can get the best out of gaming and continue to support you through your gaming experience.

How Team Hamster will be supporting:

It’s no surprise that we will be doing another 24 hour gaming marathon however! This year its with a little twist because whilst the 4 of us will be taking part we would love to pull as many gamers into the team for our largest 24 hour fundraiser yet.

If you can spare from 1 hour even up to the full 24 and you would like to join the Team for this awesome even we would love to hear from you. This year we changed our motto to “United Through Gaming” and this has never rang truer as we take on this awesome 24 hours.

So on August 6th 2020 at 10am we will begin our 24 hour event, we would love to see you there and we will have a few milestone goal events as we take on our even. We will also have a “Hall of Fame” page to show off all those who have donated and supported throughout the even.

We couldn’t be prouder of what we have instore but this time we really do need and want you all for this one because the more we can help Special Effect the more we truly are United Through Gaming.

You can find out more about Special Effect and what they do right here