Team Hamster helps launch Stand Up to Cancer 2018

What an awesome way to kick start Stand Up To Cancer!

If you all recall we headed to London for the day to have a photo/video shoot done with the awesome people at Attention Seekers it was an emotional day recapping what we have been doing over the past two and a half years.

We spoke candidly about Richard and who he was and what he stood for and well to be honest I blubbered uncontrollably (yes yes Rich would most definitely be calling me a d**k right then for crying about him) but it was to get the greater point across to people that cancer does affect us all at some point in our life and that we need to make a stand against this formidable foe.

This is where Team Hamster and Stand Up To Cancer come in and where we were asked to help launch this year’s efforts.  BT have an awesome target to reach this year and they approached us to be part of this amazing effort.



We are simply a group of friends who love gaming and enjoy having a laugh but at the same time make sure that people know that through something as simple as playing a game can make headway’s in raising HUGE amounts of money for  charities, you don’t need to be a pro at gaming (I’m certainly not…) all you need to do is pick up a controller, pop your headset on and you’re on your way.

Back to today!  Sitting in the BT Centre auditorium and watching what BT has planned (Top Secret cant say but you’ll know soon enough) blew our minds, the passion, the drive they have to make this happen and to reach their target reminded Adam and myself of how we go about wanting to make our events just as epic and kick-ass as they want theirs to be and believe me what they have planned is going to be wicked.

It was time for us to take to the stage for our first rehearsal and meet the awesome Julia Hardy who went through the show twice with us so we knew what to expect and how things would pan out and the sort of questions that would be asked.  Once we had done this it was time for it all to come together, the shoots, the tears, the laughter the time to share with those in BT just who Team Hamster were and what we are all about.

We did just that! it was an amazing experience where we saw what the money raised from the events can go towards, how a young lad who has battled and won a fight against cancer used gaming as his escape from a world that at the time was clearly dark for him and his family.


Then BT were introduced to Team Hamster, we have a video but were not going to show this for a few more seconds because firstly we would like to personally thank: Tommy and all the folks at Attention Seekers, Tasha, Nicholas, Jules and so many others from BT and once again to YOU our friends, family, gaming family, all of you who follow what we do our thanks go far  beyond words.


Now without any further delays here you go: #WeAreTeamHamster

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