Team Hamster Fundraising: The Return!

We’re back and ready!!!

Welcome to return of Team Hamster! I wanted to take a moment and really be open and honest about how this revival has come about.

Over the past four years we have managed to ensure that Richard’s legacy lived on without question, to ensure that his memory would never be forgotten and always bring a smile to all those who knew him and also those who didn’t but through our actions it did.

We threw ourselves at this with passion and the very desire to ensure so, the issue was we began to burn the proverbial candle at both ends and soon enough we began to become tired and worn out by the work we had done.

This was no ones singular fault, this was purely us doing what we wanted to do to ensure we met our goals and dare I say it expectations. After all our very first event was such a huge success it meant the expectation also grew with us.

This isn’t an excuse post, this is more a case of being open and honest with our followers, family and friends. Without any single one of you we would have never achieved what we had up until now.

So it was with a heavy heart that after an awesome curry night we felt maybe it was time to close the doors on Team Hamster and focus on our Gaming Division where we would play games, write reviews and just enjoy what we do.

It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders at first, which was very odd for me and dare I say some of the team to as I felt a little guilty and as the months passed and I had time to reflect on what we had achieved I soon began to realise, I’m not…no we’re not done here!

For Team Hamster to return I soon realised that we had to take a step back, take our foot off the pedal and slow down a little and realise things didn’t have to be 100mph every time. We can make a difference, heck we have already made a difference.

Team Hamster stands for coming together through the hard times, coming together to fight against odds that wouldn’t necessarily be possible alone, to fight against, not only cancer but other illnesses that dominate our lives.

As we look to relaunch Team Hamster I want to remind you of our motto, “United Against Cancer Through Gaming” this will always remain at the core of how we came together. Our Motto has had a minor change: “United Through Gaming” to reflect how we will move forward.

Today marks the beginning of our second wave, we have some things planned, we’re not quite ready to announce them just yet. That being said from all them team we want to thank you all for your love and support!

From myself, I just want to thank Jen, Gareth, Joanne, Clare, Chloe, Jordan, Josh, Daniel, Ffion and Batesy. You guys are the very best family I have known! The support you have provided has been phenomenal thank you!

Here’s to the exciting times ahead and the next chapter of Team Hamster Fundraising and as our Gaming Saying goes…”Load The Next Level!” Once again thank you all so, so much!

Don / CardinalSpawn