Team Hamster FINAL UPDATE!!!! 5th August

The day is almost upon us folks!!! We’re pretty damn excited now to say the least. In this final blog we are highlighting more of the epic work that special effect are doing.

It also highlights how your donations will go on to help them continue their amazing work, this latest update is taken from their site which you can visit here

To be able to make it possible for people to play games with their family is priceless. It truly is an experience that money can’t buy and with the support and help Special Effect make it possible.

I know I say this in every post. Believe me when all the team say that we are blown away by what this organisation can do. Over the past 6 weeks we have shown you what Special Effect have done and continue to do even through the Covid-19 lockdown.

Event Update 05/08/2020


We are super proud to say that we are already at £200 raised prior to our streams going live tomorrow, which is an amazing effort already!

We still have our individual challenge to raise £175 each the question is who will get there first…

So for example if you want to donate to Adam or Gareth’s page you could as it is all linked back to our main Team page. So without further ado here are the links you will need for this years event.

Team Hamster Main JustGiving page.

Don’s Page, Gareth’s Page, Adam’s Page.

Remember: If you would also like to join the Team Hamster JustGiving Team for this years event you can also by clicking here and follow the instructions, its super easy and would love to have you onboard!

Twitch Channels:

Our Twitch Channels are ready to go! So if you wish to start following us ready for the event you can do so by clicking the names below:

Adam’s Channel, Gareth’s Channel, Don’s Channel.

Discord Server:

Our discord server is live also. you can simply click the image and be whisked away to the server.

This will be one of our main hubs for the event so that we can talk to you all during the event and have a laugh at the same time.

Stream Take over!

Like we said this year is different in many ways and so with that said, if you donate £3 during any one of our streams we will spin the wheel and one of a few things could happen for example:

  • You make the choice: hose who we play as for the next 30 mins.
  • Inverted Controls: Simply put everything is reversed.
  • Drop your loot: Nice and easy we will have to drop whatever we are carrying at that time. So if we’re playing warzone and we have a sweet weapon we have to drop that straight away…no moaning and no picking it back up!
  • Blindfolded play for 10 Minutes: This should be a right laugh.

Don’s Flaming 5 Challenge:

Ok so I must be mad! But this will all be worth it in the end…Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

But during the event if anyone donates £5 I will spin the wheel of (guaranteed) doom and then chow down on what ever flavoured bean comes up. I have already tried one of each and just a small piece of the Carolina Reaper bean, yeah this is the real deal. No pain, no gain right???

That’s a wrap:

Well that’s it, tomorrow we go live from 10am and we really hope to see you all there at some point. It going to be a great laugh and hopefully we can make a huge difference.