Achievement’s Unlocked

With every event comes a sense of pride and passion.

Here you can see what it means to us and you can see what have done so far and what is to come…


Over the past two and a half years we have raised £4,413 for charities, read below to find out more.

Macmillan: 2016

We first started with Macmillan’s Game Changers event in 2016, we had a target of £250 originally little did we know that this target wouldn’t be enough!!!  Through support from the likes of Respawn Entertainment, Friends and Family and all those who knew Richard our target soared and we finished on £2,802

It was hard work and a passion like no other that Served as drive to make as much money as possible as well as making a difference. To be the top Fundraisers that year was a Feat, you could almost say Achievement unlocked!



We then had a letter from Macmillan which made all this seem worthwhile and showed what we could and thus the spark was created and Team Hamster simply flourished and we began to plan for our next event….






Stand Up To Cancer: 2016

Stand up to Cancer saw the team take on another 24 hour gaming session and this time we had come even more prepared.

Our Target of £300 was torn apart as we raised a staggering £1,299.66 (with gift aid) A night which saw challenges, forfeits and even Don having his hair dyed Pink and Purple (the Cancer Research Colours) for the event if they reached the £300 target.  In a night where the team remembered Richard, the entertainment was great and full of fun and laughter, we even managed to get Mike to level 30 and a gear score of 252 in The Division!!!!

The success of this event got Team Hamster thinking of what they could do next, it was at this time they decided to help those who had aided Richard in last months Ty Olwen and thus Hamster-BOOM was born!


Hamster-BOOM:2017 – United Against Cancer Through Gaming.

This was our first ever independent event not organised by a charity company/campaign and dedicated to the friend and brother Richard Cole.  It was a very emotional event as this also mark the 1st anniversary of his passing.

We wanted this event to be successful, as this was our first event where it was all set up by ourselves, it was even more personal and close to us.  We had Wristbands made so that we could sell them to help generate as much funds as possible. They were an instant hit and helped the team raise an awesome £549 which when all is considered, no big Charity name, all created and set up by this bunch of gaming loving fools is pretty darn good!!!

And it made it clear to us that this is what we want to do! So with that in mind we began planning our next event…



Hamster-BOOM:2019 – ????