About Team Hamster

Team Hamster was created by Don Webster in May 2016.  With the sole aim of raising awareness of rarer forms of cancer.

His friend Richard Cole was diagnosed with a rare form of Cancer called Nut (Midline) Carcinoma which to this day is still incurable and very little is known of this form of disease.

With the support of Gareth Cole (Richards brother) and his friends, Adam Thomas and Mike Mursell they embarked on their first ever 24 hour gaming event.

As of 2019 team have completed 92 hours of non stop gaming and have raised around an estimated £4,500+ for Macmillan, Cancer Research and Ty Olwen.


We are passionate about raising awareness to rare forms of cancer and other illnesses that do not always get the exposure they need to help find a cure or help find a way of making life easier for those with their condition(s).

We will always give our very best to any cause that we work with to ensure that we achieve the outcome we desired along with the charity / persons ideologies to.  Team Hamster will always strive to make a difference not matter how big or small.