Hi My Name is…

So word has it some of you are Swans fans and well as you can see so is this bear.

But we’ve got a bit of a dilemma this naughty bear has decided to not tell us their name…well kinda.

This bear has given us a list of 50 names 25 girls 25 boys and an envelope with their name inside but we’re not allowed to open it!

The agreement apparently is that we can all guess their name for £1 per name which this bear thinks is reasonable and who ever gets this right not only get to know their name they will also win the bear! so what are you waiting for? click HERE to enter.

What a wonderful idea so here’s the list of names if you wish to enter simply go to our crowdfunding page and donate* £1 (or more if you wish to make more than one guess) and let the team know via email at: teamhamster@outlook.com and we will confirm your entry (if the name has been taken already we will let you know so you can choose another.

Once all the names have been taken then we will reveal the bear’s name and contact the winner.

*Please do not donate anonymously, as we wont know who has entered.

Here’s The list of Names

Boys NamesTaken By:
Liam >
Noah >
William >
James >
Logan > Paula Williams
Benjamin >
Mason >
Elijah > Darren W.
Oliver >
Jacob >
Lucas > Paula Williams
Michael >
Alexander >
Ethan >
Daniel >
Matthew >
Aiden >
Henry >
Joseph >
Jackson >
Samuel >
Sebastian > Lewis Bradley
David >
Carter >
Wyatt >
Girls NamesTaken By:
Emma >
Olivia > Paula Williams
Ava >
Isabella >
Sophia > Paula Williams
Mia >
Charlotte >
Amelia >
Evelyn >
Abigail >
Harper >
Emily >
Elizabeth >
Avery >
Sofia >
Ella > Paula Williams
Madison >
Scarlett >
Victoria >
Aria >
Grace >
Chloe >
Camila >
Penelope >
Riley >


Special Thanks to the Swans Store for this amazing donation.

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