Fields Twins: Update August

It’s been a pretty quiet yet productive month as we head into Augst but here is what has been happening behind the scenes here at Team Hamster HQ

Curry Night: August 28th

We finally have managed to get our curry night organised after it took some time to find a place that was willing to host our event but we managed it. A very special thanks to the staff at Panshee Swansea for allowing us to hold our evening.

We still have some spaces left so why not head over to our announcement page here


As you will likely see our current fundraising page will soon run out. This is unfortunately unavoidable as the site admins will only allow a page to be active for a set time. Our current plan is that once the page closes we will re-open the page and deposit the current funds raised back in again and continue our fundraising.


As you can imagine we’ve managed to get our hands on some pretty awesome gaming loot as well as some other wicked prizes but we are in need of something a little different. Not everyone is a gamer and whilst we will have prizes on our curry night we are in need of something a tad different, in short, we need a hamper it could be a beauty hamper, a food hamper even a boozy hamper. Something that we can also offer out as a prize to any potential non-gamers.

If this is something you can help with contact the team via email at: teamhamster@outlook.com

Other Events:

We are looking into more events during 2019 however if you would like to hold an event to contribute towards our target feel free to do so. Be it a coffee morning, cake sale, car boot sale, anything that you can think of it would be awesome to see as we want everyone involved!

That just about wraps up this months update but again thank you all for your continued support. Join us later on in the month as we post about or curry evening!

Until next time: LET THE HAMSTERS RUN FREE!!!