Doogle’s Blog: 16/06/2019

Well hi and welcome to the first blog!

As you can imagine this year has turned out to be a pretty busy one indeed. From a complete overhaul of the new and improved website to the news that we will be supporting the Fields family this year.

So what have I been up to? well where do I start? I’ve been in talks with some known games developer to see if we could get some goodies for our upcoming events for our raffle and such which has so far had mixed results.

Then we’re also looking to speak with local companies to see if we can get a curry night up an running soon which is looking positive and we hope to have our first one ready to go by the end of June or July at the latest.

Team “H” Gaming:

We’re currently in the process of launching our sister domain Team “H” Gaming where we will be focused on our gaming side of things. Here you will be able to read our thoughts and views on current, past and future games, hot topics for discussion and also (once we get it all sorted) Podcasts.

This is an exciting step for us and I hope you will like what you see / hear and get involved as we cannot wait to share our views on this ever expanding industry.

More to come:

So that all for now but the weeks and months ahead look to be pretty busy for us all and I’m thrilled that we can help a family that is local to us all and make a real impact that both you and the Team can see.

This was a short blog for the first time but as things get busier I’ll have more to waffle on about, so until next time.

Let the hamsters go free!!!

Don :o)