Name: Don (Affectionately known as Doogle)

Role: Founder of Team Hamster.

From: Southampton (now lives in Swansea)

Favourite Games: Far Cry series (except Primal!!!), MLB: The Show, The Division, Football Manager, Starwars Battlefront series, Dead Island, Overwatch and Diablo series.

Favourite author?: Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey, Randolph Lalonde and Jim Butcher.

Favourite Music / Artist: Rock, Metal, Soundtracks from films, Billy Joel, Nightwish, Volbeat, Stratovarius, Xandria.

In Don’s own words:

Hi peeps, I am the founder of Team Hamster and I am chuffed you found your way to our site! I hope you enjoy your time here and that you pass on the word of the “Hamsters” we are here to make a difference and if we can raise awareness then we have done what we came here to do.

In the meantime enjoy the visit and we’ll see you around the site 🙂