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To our awesome community,

Today is a day that we thought would never come, a day where all that we do, all that we stand for makes a difference, a day where we are asked to help.  This has been one of the hardest secrets to keep as its all we have ever dreamed of.

This year Cancer Research UK and BT will launch their “Game On” campaign on September 26th.  We were approached from some top level people (pun intended) within BT who wanted to get Team Hamster’s input and help.  Naturally we said yes! After all it’s who we are right?

Little did we imagine what a journey we were about to embark on, I began speaking with Nicholas (from BT) and Tommy (from Attention Seekers) and it was soon to be apparent this wasn’t just some input that they wanted from Team Hamster!

We were asked if we had any press shots of the team? My response was “no, I didn’t think we needed that at the moment..?” To which the reply was “Ok no problem we can sort that out” Intrigued the emails and conversations carried on.  We were asked can we put some guides together on how to make a charity stream fun and interactive, then we were asked can we make it to London if needed???

Now our minds were racing why would we need to go to London? Why did we need a press photo, What was so important that we were needed to do all of the above and more???

Well we are proud to let you all in on our secret now!

This year Team Hamster will be helping to Launch BT’s Stand Up 2 Cancer “Game On” Campaign! We will be on the infamous couch alongside Gamer and TV Presenter Julia Hardy who will be presenting an hour long launch show which will air all over BT’s sites nationwide as they kick start the aim to raise £500,000 for Cancer Research.

We will be in London for the day with a Q&A session on how Team Hamster started and how this all happened, how others can make a difference too.  We couldn’t be more happy to have been recognised for our efforts however, whilst we may be the “Game Loving Fools” who have all the fun it would be nothing without each and every one of you and your phenomenal support.  This is the next step for Team Hamster and to have you all with us means more than any words could possibly describe! We truly are in your debt and hope you stay with us for this awesome ride!!!!


Thank you all XXX


Don, Adam, Mike Gareth & Chris




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