And that’s a wrap!

We’re on our way home!

Well what an adventure we have had today, I’m not joking when I say I am certain that Adam and I must have shed a few pounds due to the sweltering heat of the studio and lamps.

It was a case of lots of shoots, and questions being asked about Team Hamster as well as what we planning for the future.

Some pretty cool photo’s taken which will be put up once we have clearance.  Credit to our producers Tommy and Joe who made the whole experience less daunting.  Sorry for not posting more but we didn’t get many chances to post.


Keep an eye out for our trip to London again as we visit the BT Centre to help launch this year’s campaign.  Also watch out for our blog from our trip to EGX which will go live once we are back.


Till then have an awesome week and thanks for your continued support.


~ Doogle.