The Fields Twins: Announcement

Catherine & Kirstie Fields

We are going to be holding different fundraisers this year and into next year potentially as we want to help this family as much as we possibly can. With that said we are deviating from our 24 Gaming Marathon, we are looking to hold a night of entertainment, a few curry nights as well as some other activities, we would like to do hold a gaming event however this year we want as many people involved as possible.

This is very close to home and our hearts so we ask if anyone knows someone who maybe able to help with either some awesome prizes or even could help with organising a curry night or entertainment then please get in touch with us via email: teamhamster@outlook.com

About Fields Disease

Fields’ disease is considered to be one of the rarest known diseases in the world, with only two diagnosed cases in history. The frequency of this disease is therefore 1 in approximately 3.75 billion (although since the disease manifested in identical twins, the actual frequency is 1 in approximately 7.5 billion). It is named after Welsh twins Catherine and Kirstie Fields, of Llanelli. Fields’ disease is a neuromuscular disease, causing muscular degeneration.

The disease was first noticed when the twins were four. Doctors have been unable to identify it and have not been able to match it to any known diseases. As a result, the Fields sisters have undergone numerous tests, but no treatment has yet been found. No definitive cause has been determined, and doctors have generally concluded that they were born with it

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